Energy Charcoal and Wood Winegar

Charcoal and Wood Vinegar Production via Pyrolysis

Tradional charcoal production method is clamp that is a pile of wooden logs leaning against a chimney. The logs are completely covered with soil and straw allowing no air to enter. Then it must be lit by introducing some burning fuel into chimney, the logs burn very slowly and transform into charcoal. The burning period is within 5-20 days, and an experienced worker must be near the clamp to place additional soil in case of cracks on the soil covering. Furthermore huge amount of emissions which are harmful to human health and the environment are released to atmosphere through chimney.
With our new reactor system, there is no need to a well experienced worker. The production of charcoal lasts 6 hours and no flue gas is released over the emission limitations. In addition to this, we can condense the vapors in the gas stream and produce methanol, wood tar and wood vinegar which is called miracle liquid.
  • 2 Times More Charcoal Production from Same Amount of Wood
  • 6 Hours of Process Time
  • Düşük yerleşim alanı
  • Easy Operation
  • Without Any Energy Expense (Use of own syngas)
  • Methanol, tar and wood vinegar production which is more valuable than charcoal
  • Use of Excess Syngas as Space Heating
  • Flue Gas Under Emission Limitations
  • Payback Time of 14 Months with Only Charcoal Sale
  • Payback Time of 8 Months with Methanol, Tar, Wood Vinegar and Charcoal Sale