Reactors Industrial Tanks

Industrial Tanks

On design of chemical plants, although reactors and interior units are selected fastidiously, the needed attention isn’t performed on selecting intermediary silos and tank farms. Functionality, chemical resistance and visual quality is featured with the industrial tanks designed by our experienced engineers. Tanks are manufactured as either St37 quality steel or AISI 304, AISI 316 or AISI 321 quality stainless steels.

On manufacturing, sandblasting is performed for paint penetration before or after welding, and kinds of paint like rapid, epoxy, polyurethane or acrylic is selected properly to extend paint lifetime. If needed inside of the tank can be coated in case of corrosion. All stairs and barriers is installed as occupational healty and safety requirements. For powder silos, fabric filters and vibrators are assembled to increase the functionality.

Whereby the special design mechanical level indicators that we used at tanks, level can be seen parallel with the liquid level without using a magnetic unit inside the liquid. If needed, we can install ultrasonic or radar level sensors and show the values on a PLC screen and send all the datas to main management computers.

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